Industrialization is the main element of economic development and improved prospects for human well being. In India, people are experiencing the industrial progress. The pace at which people are projecting the growth (positive economic and social results), there is a need to be prepared for the associated fall out. Such growth will be accompanied by serious Environment, Health & Safety issues. These issues can only be tackled through improved awareness and implementation of good practices. Cleaner Technology, Behavioral and Process Safety are probably the answers to curb the adverse impact of industrialization. Synchronization of human, machinery and the workplace environment play a crucial role in the sustenance of the organization. Machinery accidents do happen in spite of adopting high tech processes because of behavioral issues. Hence the attitude towards safety of both the employees and the top management is of utmost importance. Probably risk cannot be eliminated. However it can be reduced to an acceptable level. But due to process failure or human error accidents may happen. Hence there is a need to be prepared to control such crisis. Disaster management, communication on hazardous process, training on simulated emergency situation will help in controlling loss. Therefore every industry must have a Disaster Management Plan. CII Eastern Region has a dedicated Task Force on Safety with a focused objective of sensitizing industry members on better safety management to enable them to work towards an injury and illness free workplace.