Safety Missions

Indian industry has grown over the years in terms of diversity, product quality and production capacity. This is corroborated by the fact that the country is poised to assume the status of a strong economy in the future. The spectacular growth in industrial production seen over the last two decades in particular could, by no way, have been achieved had the management of the production units not been adequately knowledgeable of various facets of good management practice. The leaders of industry in India are not oblivious of this requirement.

It has been proven that a proactive safety culture is beneficial for workers, employers, society and other stakeholders. Implementations of different precautionary measures have proven themselves effective, both in avoidance of workplace accidents/ illnesses and improved business performance. A preventative safety and health culture comprises all the values, managerial systems and practices, participatory principles and working behavior conducive to creating a safe and healthy working environment.

The requirement of safety & health at workplace and protection of environment goes far beyond qualifying for a certificate to an international standard. Effectiveness of the system is assessed through second and third party audit by most overseas clients from the developed countries. Absence or lack of safety in work place and any damage done to the environment and eco-system, therefore, hits at the very root of sustainable business for any export oriented production unit.

Keeping in focus the priority of safety in both manufacturing and service units, CII Eastern Region organises Safety Missions to different companies across the country. The objective of the plant visit is to showcase to the members the best Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) practices of the companies. The safety mission entrusts to involve various industries of India towards a common objective of obtaining sustainable Health & Safety measures that will ensure well being of its employees. Regular planned industrial visits have made the objective more focused and oriented. The visits have simplified the process to identify the areas of improvement for the member companies and have equally helped to pen down the best practices that may be followed by other member companies. The mission encourages MSME participation to enlarge the ambit of safety, sustainability and replicate the best practices of safety and health of the workforce in their respective organisations.

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